The season

Conventionally, spring is the best time to sell your house. Many people are away on holiday over the summer, winter doesn't showcase homes at their best and buyers often aren't as active during this time, and autumn corresponds with the beginning of the academic year. However, this isn't a concrete rule, and there are benefits to having your home on the market when it's relatively quiet.

Is your house really ready?

Don't start the process of selling your home until it's truly ready. If some superficial changes to decor and a new kitchen would boost the price significantly, then wait until you can afford these investments before putting it on the market. It may give you a much better return in the long run.

Look at your local area

Gauge the market in your local area to decide if now is a good time to sell. How long are houses typically staying on the market, on average? Are they going for their asking prices? Are prices rising, or falling? How do supply and demand balance out? Are rental prices high or low? You should be taking a look at what's on offer at least twice a week to get a true sense of what's happening to the housing market in your area, as well as getting advice from a trusted estate agent.

Local area

Is the environment around your house favourable for a sale right now? Maybe the neighbours are in the middle of building an extension, which can be noisy and distracting, or there are roadworks outside your house. Contact your local authority and keep an eye on local news to stay abreast of any developments that might benefit or negatively affect the appeal of your home, and consider waiting until they?re finished if you can.

Personal circumstances

At the end of the day, your personal circumstances may force you to make a sale whatever external factors are at play. A new addition to family or children leaving the family home are both good reasons to move, as is relocating for a new job or downsizing to free up cash to give you a better quality of everyday life.

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