40+ Celebrities With Links to Medway (according to the people of Medway!)

We posted the photo below on our social feeds last week and shared it with The New Medway Post Code Group on Facebook to see if any local residents had any additions to our initial four... and they certainly did.

A tidal wave of suggestions poured in including some names popping up more than once, some comical (and true) suggestions and some that we had to Google because we weren't quite sold! It's also worth noting that although some of these aren't from Medway, a lot have some connection to the area.

Here's a full list of celeb suggestions from the people of Medway themselves:

Zandra Rhodes (fashion designer) - born in Chatham

Gary Rhodes (chef) - born in London and moved to Gillingham, attending The Howard School for Boys in Rainham

Lee Ryan (former Blue member) - born in Chatham

James Jordan (dancer) - born in Gillingham

Sir David Frost (journalist) - attended Barnsole Road Primary School in Gillingham

Phil Gallagher (Mr Maker!) - lives in Rainham

Rik Waller (Pop Idol singer) - born in Gillingham

Harry Hill (comedian) - from 'just down the road' and 'bigs up the Medway posse'

Joe Pasquale (comedian) - lives in nearby Higham

Jess Smith (The Baby Sun from the Teletubbies) - from Chatham

Pete Tong (DJ) - attended King's School in Rochester

Tommy Knight (actor) - born in Chatham

Roger Moore (actor) - lived in nearby Shorne and Ridgeway

Billy The Quid (notorious beggar)

Steve Grant (Tight Fit 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight') - attended the Howard School, Gillingham

Daniella Westbrook (actress) - lived in Rochester

Chris Smalling (footballer) - attended Chatham Grammar School for Boys

Nitin Sawhney (musician) - born in London, raised in Rochester

James McCudden (among the most highly decorated airmen in British military history) - born in Gillingham

Ronnie Verrell (drummer - provided the drumming for The Muppet Show's Animal) - born in Rochester

James Taylor (of James Taylor Quartet) - Rochester origin

Rod Hull (English comedian - best known for his work with Emu) - born in the Isle of Sheppey

Ryan Bertrand (footballer) - attended Robert Napier School in Gillingham

Jools Holland (bandleader) - lives in Cooling Castle

Billy Childish (author) - born in Chatham

Gundulf of Rochester (Norman monk appointed in 1075) - built several castles including Rochester and the White Tower of the Tower of London

William Adams (sailor) - born in Gillingham - first of his nation to reach Japan

Stel Pavlou (screenwriter) - born in Gillingham - wrote the screenplay for the film 51st State

Oswald Short (aeronautical engineer) - lived in Rochester and produced seaplanes to fly from the River Medway

Thomas Fletcher Waghorn (postal pioneer who developed a new route to India) - statue stands in Chatham (now cone-less)

Chris Solly (footballer) - born in Rochester

Ashley Jackson (England hockey player) - born in Chatham

Zack Sabre Jr. (professional wrestler) - born Isle of Sheppey

Brian Moore (football commentator) - lifelong supporter of Gillingham F.C, club director for 7 years

Shane 'Shakey Byrne (motocycle road racer) - lives in Sheppey

George Meegan (adventurer) - grew up in Rainham

Michael Aspel (presenter) - lived at 2 Warner Street, Chatham during his early years

Our favourite:

The lady who used to breed giant rabbits for the Teletubbies from Rainham, thanks Keith!

If you have anymore that we've missed, please find us on Facebook and let us know.

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