Selling Guide

So you’ve made the big old decision to sell your property. Congratulations!

It may seem a little bit scary at first but the process is actually fairly simple. So as part of our mission to battle estate agency jargon and clear up confusion, here’s what you can expect to happen when selling your home in 10 easy steps:

1. Find out how much your property is worth

Do your own research, jump on Rightmove or Zoopla and look at similar properties, keep an eye out for sales boards down your road and use our free online valuation tool to give you an idea of what sort of price your property is worth. When you’re ready, invite an agent round to give you a better idea. They’ll be able to take property specific factors and improvements into account to give you an accurate idea of a price for your property.

Remember: You’ll find that some agents will give you a more generous valuation to fool you into choosing them – this is where your research comes in handy! We believe in providing accurate and honest valuations so much that we’ve included it as a Chambers Estates promise.

2. ‘Instruct’ an agent

When selling your property, ‘instructing’ an estate agent basically means you’re officially saying

“OK, I’m ready. Let’s do this!”.

But before you do that, step back and ask yourself if you’re confident they’re the right team for the job. Double check if viewings will be accompanied, what sort of reports you’ll be provided and how comprehensive their marketing mix is. After all, what’s the point in trying to sell your property if no one’s going to see it, eh?

This is the point when each agent’s fees will also need to be considered, you’ll have to make a decision taking both these and the quality of service into account.

When you’re ready, instruct your chosen agent, they’ll then get to work and set the ball rolling to start selling your home for you.

3. Smile for the camera

It’s picture time! And just as we all like to look our best for the camera, you’ll want your property to look at its best too. The term ‘staging’ is used in estate agency to describe the process of getting your home ready. This will include de-cluttering, adding some fresh flowers and getting the Marigolds out to do the washing up – we can’t help you with that one, sorry!

The agent will then upload your property details to the likes of Rightmove and Zoopla and the fetching photos will get potential buyers clicking.

4. Choose a solicitor or conveyancer

These are the guys and girls who will handle the legal side of the ownership transfer. Your estate agent should be able to make suggestions and it’s best to make a decision before your property sells so they’re ready to hit the ground running when it does.

5. Have people come and view

Your property is looking fabulous online, your agent has been spreading the word and generating lots of interest through their marketing efforts, the next step is having potential customers come round to explore.

Your estate agent should arrange and book viewings for you, these are usually done on an individual basis but sometimes an ‘open-house’ (where lots of potential buyers are scheduled throughout the day) can be very effective.

6. Accept an offer

Congratulations, you’ve received some offers - the viewers liked what they saw, a lot! You’re now in a favourable position and need to choose an offer you’d like to accept.

7. Fill out the relevant questionnaires

You’ll receive a number of forms to fill out from your legal team and chosen estate agent. These aim to provide the buyer with information about the property. This will include things like property boundaries, council tax, building works etc.

8. Negotiate the draft contract

We’re now into the ‘sales progression’ process, this is where your estate agent will be put to work dealing with the ‘chain’ of properties in the sale.

The solicitor you chose earlier will be talking to the buyer’s legal representative to agree the sale contract and things like deposits, fixtures and fittings included etc.

9. Exchange contracts

Okay, so this is the point that things are set in stone. When you exchange the contracts, the buyer is now legally committed to buying the property from you and you’re legally committed to selling it.

It can take anywhere from 7-28 days from this stage to completion.

10. Completion day

Hooray, it’s completion day. You’ll be able to collect your new keys from your estate agent and wait for the call to say you can move in.

The solicitor usually pays the estate agent their fees and takes their own, before transferring the rest of the agreed amount to you and paying off the mortgage.

Now’s the time to find the box labelled ‘kettle’ off the back of the moving van and start unpacking!